Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the answers to the most common questions frequently asked by our customers. If you don’t find the answer to your question below, take a look at our Documentation.

System Requirements

Sketch 3.6 and above requires Mac OS 10.10 or higher. As documents get more complex though, involving multiple Pages and hundreds of Artboards, a powerful Mac with more RAM will definitely help. Please download our 14 day free trial to test the performance before you purchase.

Where can I learn more about how to get started with Sketch?

Novice and advanced users can find more detailed information about Sketch and its features in our Documentation. You can also take a look at our Learn page where we feature videos and other content to help you get started.


Where can I find the End User License Agreement (EULA)?

Here you can read the Sketch End User License Agreement, which is a legal contract between a software application author or publisher and the user of that application.

Where can I find my license key?

You should have received an email with your license key upon purchase. If you can’t find it, you can retrieve it by filling out the form on the License Recovery page.

Can I install Sketch on multiple computers?

As an individual user, your license entitles you to use a copy of Sketch on two personal machines. You can download the trial version on your second Mac and you can use the same license key to activate that copy.

If you are a business or an educational institution, and wish to be able to use Sketch with multiple people, please see “Can I purchase multiple licenses at once” below.

I need an invoice, where can I request it?

If you purchased Sketch via our own store, you will have received an invoice as part of your purchase.

Can I purchase multiple licenses at once?

Yes you can. We offer volume licenses, with discounts based on the number of licenses purchased. To make a purchase, visit our store.

Are there floating/site licenses?

No, licenses are to be exclusively used on up to as many seats as purchased. If you need to disable/enable a license, please contact our customer support via email.

Can I add an extra seat to my existing license key?

If you bought Sketch on our site, then yes, absolutely. You will even benefit from our volume discounts. To extend you license visit our store.

I’m a student or teacher, do you provide discounts?

Yes, we provide a 50% discount for students, teachers and volume licenses. To receive your coupon code, visit our store and provide the following information:

  • School ID photo/scan.
  • Enrolment proof valid for the current studying year.

Mac App Store

I bought Sketch on the Mac App Store

We no longer sell Sketch through the Mac App Store, but if you purchased it there you can still download a copy through the store and run it. If after that you download Sketch directly from us, we can recognise that you bought Sketch on the Mac App Store and we will give you a free license for this new version automatically.

We do encourage you to switch to our version outside the Mac App Store as that version won’t receive updates anymore. To read more about our switch please read the announcement on our blog.

Can I transfer my purchase from the Mac App Store?

Everybody who bought Sketch on the Mac App Store will get a free license for our other version. Please read our blog post for more information.

I’m having troubles migrating, can you help?

There are two common problems when migrating from the Mac App Store to our own version. If you’ve filled in your email address, but never received your key and are still on a trial, please try the following:

  1. Download the latest version of Sketch on the Mac App Store again (you’ll find it in your Purchases tab).
  2. Quit the new version of Sketch and run the version from the Mac App Store at least once.
  3. Launch the new version you downloaded from our website, and fill in your email address again.

This time the registration should succeed and your should receive your email.

If the application does not launch at all, the issue is most likely that the app has been unzipped by an app that’s not fully compatible with 10.11. If you try unzipping again with Apple’s built-in Archive Utility, everything should work.

Where are my iCloud documents?

If you have not yet upgraded your iCloud storage to iCloud drive, we would encourage you to do so. The old iCloud documents were in their own private container and only apps authorised by the App Store could access them. Since we moved away from the App Store this is no longer the case.

Converting to iCloud Drive will make your documents in the cloud show up as any normal folder in the Finder. Sketch can then access them without a problem. Click here to read how to upgrade to iCloud Drive.

If for some reason you can’t upgrade to iCloud Drive, your Mac keeps a copy of all your iCloud documents locally in the “~/Library/Mobile Documents” folder. You should copy the files out of there into your own Documents folder.

Reporting Bugs

I’ve found a bug or have a feature request, how can I report it?

Sketch has a built-in tool to provide bug reports, crash reports, request features and give general feedback. Go to the Help item in the menubar and select Contact Customer Support.

Please provide as much info as possible, every detail counts. If possible, upload your document to a service like Dropbox and provide the link in the description. Due to Sketch’s nature, most bugs are related to a specific element of your design and we need to inspect it in order to provide a fix. It will be also very helpful if you provide the Console output, see directions below on how to do that.

All the information shared with us is 100% confidential and will not be stored.

How do I find the Console output to share with my bug report?

Please launch the Console application (from the Utilities folder inside your Applications folder). It should open to All Messages, showing the log entries for everything that’s happened recently on your Mac. If you’ve previously narrowed the Console results, show the Log List and select All Messages before proceeding.

Switch back to Sketch, and try to trigger the issue you were experiencing. This will (hopefully!) print some output to the Console.

Return to Console and from the Menu Bar choose File › Save A Copy As… and attach the file to your report to aid in our investigation.

Any other way to get in touch with your customer support team?

Yes, you can contact us directly. Alternatively, you can get in touch with us through Twitter or Facebook.

Sketch for Other Platforms

Is Sketch available for Windows or Linux?

Due to the technologies and frameworks exclusive to OS X that Sketch has been built upon, regrettably we will not be considering supporting Sketch on either of these platforms.

What about a version for iOS?

We don’t currently have plans for an iOS version of Sketch for reasons beyond our control.

Sketch Mirror

I can’t connect Sketch Mirror to Sketch for Mac

Sketch Mirror relies on your devices to be on the same network, and sometimes that’s not the case, giving you an error.

Here’s a few steps you can check to ensure your configuration is correctly set up:

  • Ensure both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Are you running the latest versions of Sketch for Mac and Sketch Mirror?
  • Are the Wi-Fi security settings of your router blocking this kind of communication?
  • Have you tried connecting through USB? If not, read the next section.

Using USB to connect to Sketch Mirror

Connecting to Sketch via a USB Lightning cable couldn’t be simpler. Connect your iOS device to the Mac, and that’s it, you’re connected!

Making sure your firewall allows Mirror traffic

If you’re using a corporate / campus network, those are usually fire-walled, and the required traffic for Mirror is sometimes blocked by default. You may have to ask your network admin to add a rule to allow _BCBonjour._tcp.local traffic in the network.

Still can’t connect?

Please get in touch with our customer support, and we’ll help you get Sketch Mirror up and running.

Is there Sketch Mirror for Android?

As of yet, there is currently no Android version of Sketch Mirror.

File Formats

My SVG, EPS or PDF file is not displaying correctly

We’re always working to improve our import and export support for SVG, EPS and PDF files. Some of these files files use specific properties that we do not yet support though.

In order to make sure Sketch can correctly import them, we’d it appreciate if you could email us any broken files so we can analyze what may be causing the incompatibility and fix it in a future release. Please send all files that do not import or export correctly to customer support.

Do you support other file formats such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator?

Photoshop and Illustrator’s file formats are completely proprietary. Only Adobe knows how to read these files properly and because of that, we cannot provide proper support for these.

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