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Latest version: 51 (57255) - Released

Thank you for helping us make Sketch even better.

Try out the latest features and improvements in Sketch Beta and let us know what you think. To report bugs or send feedback, simply click on Help in the Sketch Beta menu and choose Contact Customer Support.

If you find a regression in this beta, please submit a detailed bug report and to say thanks, we’ll add an extra three months to your license.

Requires macOS Sierra (10.12.2) or newer

New in Sketch 51

  • Library Styles Text Styles and Layer Styles defined in Libraries are now available in all documents, just like Symbols are.
  • Headers & Footers Prototypes can now include fixed elements such as headers and footers that will stay above the rest of the content as you scroll.
  • Arrows We’ve significantly improved the appearance of arrows and other markers on paths.


  • Improved performance when working with shadows in complex documents
  • Text layers will highlight on their baseline, rather than their contents in the Canvas when hovered
  • Improved error readability in the Sketch Cloud preferences
  • Improved behaviour of Sketch Cloud popover in the event of an upload failure
  • Improved baseline alignment for font previews in the Typeface popover
  • You can now apply math operations to multiple selected items in the Inspector
  • Improved performance when expanding or collapsing large groups in the Layer List
  • Sketch now checks for updates to Shared Libraries more often
  • Sketch plugins will be temporarily disabled when relaunching if the app had quit unexpectedly
  • Improved performance for large documents with many linked prototypes
  • There is now a URL protocol for adding Sketch Libraries backed by RSS feeds to Sketch
  • Improved the speed when dragging Artboards that contain Symbols with many overrides
  • Improved performance for layers using background blurs
  • Increased performance when drawing small portions of large images
  • Improved snapping when adjusting the Rotate tool’s pivot point
  • Improved handling of overrides on rotated text layers inside a Symbol
  • Improved performance for certain documents containing many nested Symbol overrides
  • Text alignment is now also remembered in the default text style
  • Text transformation options can now also be found under the Text menu item
  • Sketch now properly accounts for vertical alignment when changing text layer width from fixed to auto, and when editing rotated and flipped text layers
  • Holding the Shift key when dragging vector points will now snap to adjacent points
  • Fixed a bug where the preview for certain Text Styles wouldn’t be displayed properly in the Inspector
  • The thickness of a line will be taken into account when distributing horizontally or vertically with other layers
  • Improved the path readability for Symbols and Shared Styles in the Inspector
  • Holding the Shift or Option keys when clicking and dragging a label to change a value in the Inspector will adjust its value in increments of 10, or 0.1 respectively
  • The Magic Wand selection tool has now been removed
  • Improved the look of all the cursors inside the app
  • Improved behaviour when rotating layers, including fixing a bug where rotating a shape inside a flipped group would rotate it in the wrong direction
  • Improved the look of multiple export previews in the Inspector

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where you couldn’t Union two small shapes properly if they contained overlapping curves
  • Fixed a rare bug where prototypes would not play back as expected on Sketch Cloud
  • Fixed a bug where copying and pasting text from Sketch to Keynote would offset and clip the text vertically
  • Fixed a bug where pasting icon fonts into Sketch could give the wrong result
  • Fixed a bug where the incorrect cursor would be shown after rotating a layer
  • Fixed a bug where the Inspector wouldn’t immediately reflect changes made to a slice’s arrangement in the Layer List
  • Fixed a bug where resizing a text layer would not adjust its contents within
  • Fixed a bug where the Color Picker wasn’t scrollable when adjusting Artboard background colors
  • Fixed a bug where rotating an object via the Inspector while the Rotate tool was active would always rotate the object around its center rather than the specified anchor point
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn’t change the color of a range of text when using the Color Picker
  • Fixed a bug where the Inspector preview for an exportable layer wouldn’t update when Control-clicked
  • Fixed a bug where entering a negative value in the Inspector would subtract that value rather than applying it as a new one
  • Fixed a bug where rotated layers could end up on the X/Y value of -0
  • Fixed a bug where emoji in layer names could be cut in half 😱
  • Fixed a bug where certain nested overrides would be reset when applying Library updates
  • Fixed a bug where applying updates to Symbols from complex libraries would take too long
  • Fixed a bug where Library Updates would not be applied instantly in some complex documents
  • Fixed a bug with Sketch Mirror that could cause Sketch to freeze when editing Artboards in certain documents
  • Fixed a bug where the rulers would not update when a layer was moved via the Inspector
  • Single page PDF files imported to Sketch are no longer placed in their own Artboard
  • Fixed a bug where a remote Library would incorrectly show an available update in some cases
  • Fixed various bugs that could cause shadows to appear as if they were clipped
  • Fixed a bug where rotated images could appear pixelated
  • Fixed a bug where a blur applied to a layer could appear clipped
  • Fixed a bug where text layers could be repositioned when changing their alignment
  • Fixed a bug where removing a Shared Style while editing its name would rename an adjacent Style
  • Fixed a bug where one couldn’t draw shapes on fractional pixels because of overly aggressive snapping
  • Fixed a bug where some layers would not snap to other layers correctly when inserted
  • Fixed a bug where measurements on the Canvas would appear flipped when moving objects within flipped groups
  • Fixed a bug where shadows applied to vertically aligned text layers with fixed widths could appear to be clipped
  • Fixed a bug where text underlines wouldn’t be displayed in some cases
  • Fixed a bug where a text layer could become a Fixed width when switching between the Width and Height text fields
  • Fixed a bug where inserting points with the Shift key held on rotated shapes would behave unpredictably
  • Fixed a bug where the vector editor’s path preview would not update when nudging vector points
  • Fixed a bug where holding the Shift key when adding a new point in the vector editor wouldn’t behave as expected
  • Fixed a bug where holding a tool’s shortcut for too long wouldn’t do anything
  • Fixed a bug where distance measurements were shown between selected layers and hidden smart guides
  • Fixed a bug where duplicated rotated layers could end up being offset unexpectedly
  • Fixed a bug where resizing a line to a negative size would lead to unexpected behaviour
  • Fixed a bug where View › Center Selection wouldn’t work when the Inspector had focus
  • Fixed a bug where the Scissors tool would not work for small path segments when zoomed in
  • Fixed a bug where the Touch Bar wouldn’t reflect adjusted rotation values
  • Fixed a rare bug where Sketch could crash when changing a shared layer style
  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when showing Text Style menus
  • Fixed a bug where a group’s bounds wouldn’t update when undoing a resize of a layer within
  • Fixed a bug where layers wouldn’t highlight correctly when hovering over them with the Slice tool to insert a slice around those layers
  • Fixed a bug where images could appear blurry after adjusting the zoom level to 100%
  • Fixed a bug where the wrong cursor would be displayed when hovering over a selection handle on a rotated layer
  • Fixed a bug where Artboard background colors wouldn’t be exported to SVG
  • Fixed a bug where rotated objects could shift unexpectedly when being tiled in a grid
  • Fixed a bug where resizing multiple rotated layers would undo the rotation
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