Sketch Beta

Latest version: 46 (44404) - Released

Try out the latest features and improvements in Sketch Beta and let us know what you think. To report bugs or feedback, go to the Help item in the menubar and select Contact Customer Support. Thank you for helping us make Sketch even better.

Requires Mac OS X El Capitan (10.11) or newer

New in Sketch 46

  • Private Sharing You can now invite people to view your documents shared via Sketch Cloud.


  • Fix Width and Fix Height resizing options can now be toggled by clicking on their labels
  • Our online documentation can now be searched within Sketch via the Help menu
  • Improved speed of installing plugin updates
  • Sketch now informs you if the plugin you’re attempting to install is incompatible
  • When measuring the distance between text layers, holding the Control key now measures the distance from the baseline and cap height, rather than the bounding box of the layer
  • Improved appearance of Text Styles with large paragraph spacing in the Insert › Styled Text menu
  • “Resize to Fit” has returned to be shown in the main Artboard Inspector
  • Text layers can now be aligned vertically within their adjustable bounding box
  • Added option to export selected layers (Command+E) via the Share menu
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for Sync Shared Style (Control-S) and Reset Shared Style (Option-Control-S) menu options
  • Improved behavior when opening older files with missing fonts
  • Pixel Fitting preferences have been simplified and reduced to just a single option

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where inserting a duplicated layer into a group wouldn’t update the group bounds
  • Fixed a bug which was breaking symlinks (aliases) in some plugin framework bundles
  • Fixed a bug where switching to a different tool from Pencil drawing wouldn’t render the whole layer frame
  • Fixed a bug where updating plugins nested in folders within the Plugins Folder would move them from their original location
  • Fixed a bug where a layer with two Image Fills within a Symbol would override the wrong image
  • Fixed a bug where the Insert Symbol preview in the menu and on the mouse cursor wouldn’t match the dimensions of the symbol
  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when exiting the text editor by selecting a different layer in the Layer List
  • Fixed a bug where tapping Run on the Custom Script dialog via the Touch Bar would close the dialog instead of running the script
  • Fixed a bug where rounded corners could go the wrong way in extreme situations
  • Fixed a bug where the “Set to Original Dimensions” option wouldn’t be disabled when the selected image was already at its original size
  • Fixed a bug where the name and weight of missing fonts in Shared Text Style menus would not be shown
  • Fixed a bug with resizing controls, where top-aligned layers could be moved unexpectedly when resizing their parent Artboard
  • Fixed a bug where fills applied within the bitmap editor would ignore the opacity of the selected color
  • Fixed a bug where “Resize to Fit” wouldn’t always accurately fit Artboards around Center borders
  • Fixed a bug where you would be informed of incompatible plugins being disabled, even if they were already disabled
  • Fixed a bug where shapes trailing text layers in Symbols wouldn’t properly move to make room for text overrides
  • Fixed a bug where aligning layers within a group wouldn’t re-adjust the size of the group
  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when hovering over certain layers in the Layer List
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