Sketch Cloud

Sketch Cloud allows you to quickly upload your Sketch documents where you can share them publicly, or privately where you can leave comments and get feedback easily.

Sketch Cloud
An Artboard from a document that has been uploaded to Sketch Cloud.

Note: Use of Sketch Cloud is completely free, but you must have an active Sketch license to be able to upload documents.

Creating an Account

A Sketch Cloud account is required before you can begin uploading your documents. You can either register or sign in directly on the Sketch Cloud website, or go via Sketch by choosing Preferences › Cloud and clicking “Create Account”.

In order to sign up for a Sketch Cloud account, you must agree to our terms of service. We reserve the right to remove objectionable content uploaded to Sketch Cloud.

Uploading your Document

Once you’re signed in to Sketch Cloud, you can now share your work with anyone you like. Simply click on the Cloud toolbar icon, and then Upload.

Documents will be shared as public by default, which means that they can be viewed by anyone with the link.

After your document has been uploaded, you have the ability to refresh the upload with any changes you have made, or upload it as a new document. Doing this means you will not be able to view any previous comments on the new upload.

Managing your Uploads

When viewing your document overview, hover over any of your uploaded documents, and you will see a settings icon. If you click this, a popover will appear allowing you to either delete your document from Sketch Cloud, or edit the document’s settings.

These settings are also available when viewing a document, and the settings item appears in the toolbar.

Document Settings

With the settings dialog, you can choose who can view and access your uploaded document. You can choose to share an upload with friends or colleagues by entering their email address and inviting them to view your upload. Here, you can also enable or disable people from commenting on your designs, or switch between making the document public or private – by deselecting the option to allow access to anyone with the link.

Sketch Cloud

Documents whose invites you have accepted will appear alongside your own uploads in a separate tab.

Managing your Account

If you ever want to manage your Sketch Cloud account at any time, click the avatar in the top-right corner of the toolbar, and choose “Account Settings”. Here you will be able to update your name, avatar, email address, and password — along with the ability to delete your account if you so wish.