I can’t connect to Sketch Mirror via Wi-Fi and I’ve tried everything else

If you’re still having trouble connecting to Sketch Mirror over Wi-Fi, there is a last resort. In some cases unexplained behaviour in Sketch can be solved by deleting your plist file.

In order to ensure the plist file is removed successfully we recommend that you perform a completely new installation of Sketch. Follow these instructions to do so.

First make sure you completely uninstall Sketch from your Mac. We recommend using an app like App Cleaner for Mac, which is free, and will ensure all preference files related to Sketch are deleted.

Warning: this process involves removing all of your plugins and configurations.

After you proceed with cleaning your Mac, download your latest version of Sketch from our updates page.

When the installation is complete, please insert your License Key if requested. If you don’t see the prompt, you can register Sketch in Sketch > About & Registration.