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Whether it’s in one of our vibrant online communities or at a Sketch meetup in your area, you can join a global network of designers to share knowledge, ask questions and make new friends. Attend a local meetup to improve your skills, discover the latest plugins, or just get inspired and meet designers like you.

  1. IDF Buenos Aires Buenos Aires, Argentina Seba D'Amore by Seba D'Amore
  2. Sketch & Design - Buenos Aires Buenos Aires, Argentina Seba D'Amore by Seba D'Amore
  1. Design and Prototyping Meetup Sydney, Australia Jamie Harbison by Jamie Harbison
  1. Vienna Sketch App User Meetup Vienna, Austria Nathan Guo by Nathan Guo
  1. Sketch and Design - Sylhet Silhat, Bangladesh Bolaram Paul by Bolaram Paul
  1. Sketch & Design - Belgium Antwerpen, Belgium Kristof Houben by Kristof Houben
  1. Sketch & Design - Bolivia Cochabamba, Bolivia Carlos Collazos by Carlos Collazos
  1. Sketch & Design - São Paulo São Paulo, Brazil Vitor Guerra by Vitor Guerra
  2. Sketch & Design Brasília - SketchBSB Brasília, Brazil Helena Simões by Helena Simões
  3. Epic - #1 Design meetup em Curitiba Curitiba, Brazil Makson Serpa by Makson Serpa
  4. Sketch & Design - Recife Recife, Brazil Jadson Dantas by Jadson Dantas
  1. Sketchy Types Sofia, Bulgaria Spasimir Dinev by Spasimir Dinev
  1. DesignX Toronto, Canada Preet by Preet
  2. Sketch MTL Montréal, Canada Fabien Laborie by Fabien Laborie
  3. Sketch Vancouver Vancouver, Canada Supratim Chakraborty by Supratim Chakraborty
  1. Sketch & Design - Beijing Beijing, China Galya Iliev by Galya Iliev
  2. Sketch & Design - Hangzhou Hangzhou, China Ding by Ding
  3. Sketch & Design - Xian Xian, China Ding by Ding
  4. Design + Sketch - Shenzhen Shenzhen, China Yue Wu by Yue Wu
  5. Sketch Meetup @Points Shanghai, China Hanfei Xu by Hanfei Xu
  1. Designers Night - Bogotá Bogotá, Colombia RubenAvilaH ⚡️ by RubenAvilaH ⚡️
  1. Sketch & Design - Costa Rica San Jose, Costa Rica Ana María Montero B by Ana María Montero B
  1. Sketch & Design Zagreb Zagreb, Croatia Ivana Miličić by Ivana Miličić
  1. Sketch & Design - Prague Prague, Czech Republic Myroslav by Myroslav
  1. Cairo Sketch Meetup Cairo, Egypt Maged Morsy by Maged Morsy
  1. Sketch & Design El Salvador San Salvador, El Salvador Harold Cáceres by Harold Cáceres
  1. UXHel Sketch Academy Helsinki, Finland Yves Florack by Yves Florack
  1. Sketch & Design - Paris Paris, France Galya Iliev by Galya Iliev
  2. Sketch & Design - Levallois-Perret Levallois-Perret, France Tristan Roger by Tristan Roger
  3. Sketch & Design - Strasbourg - SketchSXB Strasbourg, France Nemrod by Nemrod
  1. Sketch & Design - Frankfurt Frankfurt, Germany Jens Hoffmann by Jens Hoffmann
  2. Sketch & Design - Munich München, Germany Silvia Bormüller by Silvia Bormüller
  3. Design and Prototype Berlin Berlin, Germany Nando Rossi by Nando Rossi
  4. Sketch + Design Meetup Düsseldorf Düsseldorf, Germany Marian Sträter by Marian Sträter
  5. Sketch & Design – Stuttgart Stuttgart, Germany Katharina Clasen by Katharina Clasen
  6. Sketch & Design - Cologne Köln, Germany Chantal Wollschläger by Chantal Wollschläger
  1. Subtract — (former Sketch&Design Athens) Athens, Greece Theo Tsongidis by Theo Tsongidis
  1. Sketch & Design Guatemala Guatemala, Guatemala Oscar Saul by Oscar Saul
  1. Let's Sketch Coimbatore Coimbatore, India Siddarth Kengadaran by Siddarth Kengadaran
  2. Design & Sketch - Bangalore Bangalore, India supreeth by supreeth
  3. Sketch & Design - Vellore Vellore, India Thiyagaraj T by Thiyagaraj T
  4. Sketch & Design - Hyderabad Hyderabad, India Rittam Debnath by Rittam Debnath
  5. Sketch & Design, Pune Pune, India Mayur Kshirsagar by Mayur Kshirsagar
  1. Bekasi Sketch Meetup Bekasi, Indonesia Viking KARWUR by Viking KARWUR
  1. Waterford Sketch & Design Waterford, Ireland Dave Hearne by Dave Hearne
  1. Sketch and Design - Jerusalem Jerusalem, Israel Judah Guttmann by Judah Guttmann
  1. THESIGNOF Milano, Italy Marco Santonocito by Marco Santonocito
  2. Sketch & Design Florence Firenze, Italy Alessandro Mastrogiacomo by Alessandro Mastrogiacomo
  3. Sketch & Design Rome Roma, Italy Carlo Frinolli by Carlo Frinolli
  4. Design & Sketch - Sicilia Palermo, Italy Maurizio Schifano by Maurizio Schifano
  1. UXUI Designers & Sketch Tokyo, Japan Hafid by Hafid
  1. Sketch Seoul Meetup Seoul, Korea (South) Sangyong Lee by Sangyong Lee
  1. Sketch & Design Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Lim YH by Lim YH
  1. Sketch & Design - CDMX México City, Mexico Jay 🎈 by Jay 🎈
  1. Sketch & Design - Kathmandu Kathmandu, Nepal Swapnil Acharya by Swapnil Acharya
  1. Sketch & Design Rotterdam Rotterdam, Netherlands sofiairene by sofiairene
  2. Sketch & Design - The Hague The Hague, Netherlands Galya Iliev by Galya Iliev
  1. Sketch and Design- Nigeria Akure, Nigeria Mark Afolabi by Mark Afolabi
  1. Sketch & Design - Oslo Oslo, Norway Aaron Fernandez by Aaron Fernandez
  1. Sketch & Design - Lima Lima, Peru Nadia Breuer by Nadia Breuer
  1. Sketch & Design Meetup - Davao Davao, Philippines Andy Aparece by Andy Aparece
  2. Sketch & Design - Cebu Cebu, Philippines Jake Mapalo by Jake Mapalo
  3. Sketch & Design - Manila Makati, Philippines Aldrich Tan by Aldrich Tan
  1. Sketch Polska Warsaw, Poland Grzegorz Róg by Grzegorz Róg
  2. Sketch x Wrocław Wroclaw, Poland Bartosz Bąk by Bartosz Bąk
  1. Sketch and Design - Porto Porto, Portugal Galya Iliev by Galya Iliev
  2. Sketch and Design - Lisbon Lisbon, Portugal Daniel Devera by Daniel Devera
  1. Sketch & Design - Singapore Singapore, Singapore Jules Ang by Jules Ang
  1. Design & Sketch - Slovakia Bratislava, Slovakia Andrej Garaj by Andrej Garaj
  1. Sketch & Design - Ljubljana Ljubljana, Slovenia Marko Vuletič by Marko Vuletič
  1. Sketch & Design - CapeTown Cape Town, South Africa Daine by Daine
  1. Sketch & Design - Barcelona Barcelona, Spain Manuel F. by Manuel F.
  2. Sketch & Design - Madrid Madrid, Spain Pablo Onieva by Pablo Onieva
  1. Colombo Sketch App Meetup Colombo, Sri Lanka Atheek Ahamath by Atheek Ahamath
  1. Sketch & Design - Göteborg Göteborg, Sweden Erik Thorelli by Erik Thorelli
  2. Sketch App Malmö Malmö, Sweden Hamed Yahyaei by Hamed Yahyaei
  3. Sketch Meetup Stockholm Stockholm, Sweden Marwin Brandt by Marwin Brandt
  1. Sketch. Design. Zürich. Zürich, Switzerland Suzanne Chong by Suzanne Chong
  1. Sketch & Design - Taipei Taipei, Taiwan Jeremy Chu by Jeremy Chu
  1. Design and Prototyping Istanbul, Turkey Alaa Alnuaimi by Alaa Alnuaimi
  1. Sketch and Design - Dubai Dubai, U.A.E. Osman İnce by Osman İnce
  1. Sketch - South Florida Miami, USA Marcelo Paiva by Marcelo Paiva
  2. UX Design and Sketch South Bay Santa Clara, USA Aaron Sagray by Aaron Sagray
  3. Product Design and Animation Baltimore, USA Olayinka Karis Akinhanmi by Olayinka Karis Akinhanmi
  4. Sketch & Design - Washington DC Washington, USA Galya Iliev by Galya Iliev
  5. Sketch & Design - Los Angeles Los Angeles, USA Galya Iliev by Galya Iliev
  6. Design & Prototype NYC Meetup New York, USA Francesco Bertocci by Francesco Bertocci
  7. Sketch Together - San Francisco San Francisco, USA Pablo Stanley by Pablo Stanley
  8. Sketch & Design - Boston Cambridge, USA Maram by Maram
  9. Philadelphia Sketch Meetup Philadelphia, USA Mira by Mira
  10. Sketch & Design - Atlanta Atlanta, USA Derek Jamieson by Derek Jamieson
  11. Sketch Chicago Chicago, USA Drew Gilliam by Drew Gilliam
  12. Seattle Sketch Meetup Seattle, USA Aaron Benjamin by Aaron Benjamin
  13. Dallas Sketch App Meetup Dallas, USA Kevin Smith by Kevin Smith
  14. Wasatch Frontend Lehi, USA Brandon Darrell Buttars by Brandon Darrell Buttars
  15. Sketch App Triangle Durham, USA Janet by Janet
  16. Sketch & Design – Kansas City Kansas City, USA manhart by manhart
  17. Sketch & Design - North Florida Jacksonville, USA Erik Thorelli by Erik Thorelli
  1. Sketch & Design Lviv L'viv, Ukraine Sashko Valyus by Sashko Valyus
  2. Sketch Kyiv Community Kyiv, Ukraine Katerina Drobot by Katerina Drobot
  1. Sketch & Design - Manchester Manchester, United Kingdom Marc Andrew by Marc Andrew
  2. Sketch Product design meetup London, United Kingdom Sam Hardy by Sam Hardy
  3. Cambridge Sketch App Meetup Cambridge, United Kingdom Noli by Noli
  4. Sheffield Sketch Meetup Sheffield, United Kingdom Fay Fagon by Fay Fagon
  5. Sketch & Design – Bristol Bristol, United Kingdom Kiwani by Kiwani
  6. Sketch Nottingham kick off meetup Nottingham, United Kingdom Alex Lee by Alex Lee
  7. Sketch Glasgow - Community Meetup Glasgow, United Kingdom Gianluca Petraccaro by Gianluca Petraccaro
  8. Sketch Product Design Meetup – Edinburgh Edinburgh, United Kingdom Christopher Downer by Christopher Downer
  1. Vietnam Sketch App Meetup Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam tranmautritam by tranmautritam

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