How can I transfer Sketch to a different device?

You can check your invoice and active devices, unlink devices, add devices to your license, and more via our License Manager.

If you want to transfer your license from one device to another follow the instructions below.

First, unregister Sketch on your old device by launching the app and selecting Sketch > About & Registration > Unregister from the menu bar. Alternatively, if you have your purchase email address, you can unregister Sketch on your device remotely using the “Unlink” option in the License Manager.

Once you’ve unlinked your old device, go to our updates page and download your preferred version of Sketch onto your new device.

Please note: Depending on when you last renewed your license, your license key may not be valid for the latest version of Sketch. Make sure you download a version of Sketch that your license is valid for.

Once the download is complete, install the software by dragging the Sketch icon to your “Applications” folder.

Once Sketch is installed, launch the app and link it to your license by selecting Sketch > About & Registration > Register from the menu bar and entering your license key.